1. If Smaller WaterFix is Built, CCWD's Investments Remain Protected

    The Contra Costa Water District's investment in water storage and other facilities is protected, even if the state builds a possible "smaller scale" Delta tunnel facility. The settlement agreement signed with the state in 2016 ensures that protection. Additional Info...
  2. East Bay Thrives Thanks To Its Water Infrastructure

    10/12 The presidents of three local agencies --including CCWD's Lisa Borba -- released a statement today reminding East Bay residents of the importance of a reliable water infrastructure. The agencies are observing "Imagine A Day Without Water". Read the Complete News Release
  3. Free Tickets to Home & Garden Show/ Visit Our Booth

    We have free tickets for the Contra Costa Home & Garden Show set for Oct. 27-29 at the Concord Pavilion. Just print the PDF below, and you get in for for free. Please visit our booth where we'll be emphasizing our rebates and the Lawn to Garden Program. Print these tickets...
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  1. October 25

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  2. October 25

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  3. October 28

    Arachnophobia From the size of a pin head to that of a dinner plate, approximately 50,000 known species of spiders inhabit Earth. Learn fascinating facts about the eight-legged arthropods that live in Contra Costa County, including the much-maligned “California” tarantula, colorful garden spiders, the notorious black widow and the voracious wolf spider. Bring your curiosity and any questions about these marvelous creatures.
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