1. New Toilet & Urinal Rebates of Up to $400 For Commercial Customers

    Our new Flushometer Toilet and Urinal Rebate Program provides a financial incentive of up to $400 per toilet for CCWD commercial customers who replace their older inefficient flushometer toilets and urinals with WaterSense labeled high-efficiency models. Additional Info...
  2. Sign Up Now! Free Detailed Water Use Reports At Your Fingertips!

    CCWD is excited to offer a new online portal called My Water Report where you can view detailed information about your water use. This new free tool is now available. Why sign up? Understanding your water use is an important step to better managing it. Additional Info...
  3. Four Free Workshops on Converting Lawns to Gardens Set For This Year

    CCWD will be hosting four free workshops on converting lawns to gardens in 2017. They are designed for homeowners interested in replacing their water-thirsty lawns with beautiful water efficient landscaping and will include details on District rebates. Dates & Other Details
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January 2017

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  1. January 25

    Bay-Friendly Training: Soil Science and Semantics ReScape California is offering a great training on soil. Dave Phelps, Sustainability Manager at Cagwin & Dorward , takes us on a deep dive into the rhizosphere and outlines a new paradigm to base landscape decisions. Learn how soil stewardship saves resources, suppresses diseases, and sequesters atmospheric carbon.
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  2. January 28

    Gardening With Nature In Mind Join renowned environmental educator Judy Adler in this in-depth tour of her half-acre Walnut Creek garden. Judy’s suburban garden, part farm, part classroom, part nursery, and part nature preserve, features happy chickens, a rainwater harvesting system, a pond, and many California native and/or pollinator-friendly plants. Judy’s was one of the first gardens to be certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, and it is also certified as a habitat for pollinators b...
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  3. February 4

    California Native Plant Propogation: How to Create Native Plants From Seeds, Cuttings and Divisions Join renowned environmental educator Judy Adler in a hand-on workshop at her half-acre garden, where you will learn how to propagate California native plants from seeds, cuttings, and divisions, and take home plants you have propagated yourself!
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