CCWD's Conservation Program Provides Long-Term Water Savings

The goal of CCWD’s Water Conservation Program is to reduce long-term water demand. CCWD’s conservation program has been helping District residents and businesses  since 1989 and aims to provide conservation services that assist customers while improving the efficiency of their water use, without sacrificing quality. 

By obtaining sustainable water savings as cost effectively as possible, the District extends its existing water supply. 

We offer a variety of programs, rebates, and will even come to your home to show you how to save water. We'll help you replace your lawn with a beautiful water-saving garden.  

Have any questions? Call us at (925) 688-8320 or  send us an e-mail. 

  1. Eco-Friendly Landscape Design Plans

    Climate-appropriate online design plans and plant selections for your front yard. This is a great new resource originally-designed for the Sacramento region, but very appropriate for Contra Costa County.
  2. Sen. Feinstein Tells CCWD Customers 'Great Job' on 40 Percent Water Savings in June

    Senator Diane Feinstein told CCWD customers they are doing a 'great job' while saving water in June. In a Tweet, she wrote: "Water reductions reached as high as 40% in the case of Contra Costa Water District. Great job!" Here&#39s her Twitter feed:
  3. New Bay-Friendly Guide to Mulch

    This complete guide is tailored to the Bay Area and answers all your questions about mulch and how it can save water, save your plants and even cut down on weed growth. Read on...
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    Home Irrigation Workshop Learn how to convert your existing sprinkler system to easy to use drip system.
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  2. Sat, September 12

    Home Irrigation Workshop Learn how to convert you existing sprinkler system into a easy to use drip system.
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