Fernando Gonzalez of San Lorenzo caught his record-setting 16.42 pound trout with a gold Kastmaster in South Cove on Jan. 24, 2015.  It's the last record set at the reservoir, and beat the previous mark by .27 pounds.  


November 29, 2016


The 2017 Annual LV Parking Permits are now available at the Marina, North Kiosk, and Watershed Office. Costs remain the same as last year and are: $85 for the general public, $80 for general public seniors (over 62), $75 for CCWD rate payers and $70 for senior (over 62) rate payers.  

You can also purchase your 2017 California State Fishing License at the Marina. Bring your I.D. or an old fishing license.  There is no increase in prices this year. 

Fall fishing is underway at Los Vaqueros with small striped bass very present along with trout and catfish. 

Through Feb. 28, we are open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Boats are due in at 3 p.m.

The reservoir is currently storing 129,000 acre-feet of water, 79 percent of capacity. Pumping has stopped. The water temperature is down slightly at 63 to 64 degrees. 
Our water clarity is good

Several large trout were brought into the Marina this week.  These included an 8 pound fish caught on a Kastmaster in South Cove, a 7.1 pounder caught in Cowboy Cove on PowerBait and a 7.2 pound trout caught on a nightcrawler in South Cove.

Two nice-sized stripers were also caught;  An 11.71 pounder in Cowboy Cove on a nightcrawler and a 7.2 pound fish on an anchovy from the Marina dock.

Three large cats were caught this week in Peninsula Cove on anchovies. They were 13.6, 12.0 and 12.5 pounds.

If you are looking to rent a boat, it is a good idea to call ahead at (925) 371-2628 to check on wind conditions. You can also check current conditions at the watershed here, or look at this  forecast for the Livermore-area that is pretty close to our weather.

We only have four spots left for our “Fishing for Beginners” program on Saturday, Dec. 10, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The program is intended for boys and girls from 5 to 10 years old, and is limited to only 10 participants.  Call (925) 688-8010 to reserve your spot. 

If you are older than 10, we will have our monthly free fishing clinic this Saturday, Dec. 3.  It’s open to all ages and skill levels at the Marina from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  No advance reservations needed.

The John Muir Interpretive Center near the dam is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.


Fishing for trout continues to be good even with the increased water temperature.  They are being caught in South Cove and Oak Point as well as Peninsula Cove.  The baits of choice for shore anglers are garlic-scented PowerBaits, nightcrawlers or Kastmaster lures.  Trout average a pound and a half but range to over 5 lbs.  There was a 1000 pound Lassen plant on November 28th.  Light tackle is important for catching trout with 4-6 pound test being plenty.  Trout fishing is good especially in the morning, with limits being caught from around the reservoir and more fish being caught overall.  Several large trout were brought into the Marina this week.  These included an 8 pound fish caught on a Kastmaster in South Cove, a 7.1 pounder caught in Cowboy Cove on powerbait and a 7.2 pound trout caught on a nightcrawler in South Cove.  More limits are starting to show up from South Cove and from boats around the lake.

With boats we are getting reports of fish being caught in Cowboy and Peninsula coves.  From the shore. There is no need for line heavier than 6 lb test.  Fish are still coming out of South Cove and from past the Rock Wall.


Most anglers were focused on stripers or trout although there still are many sighting near the boat dock and adjacent fishing pier and along the Rock Wall.  Senkos have been seen catching some nice fish in that area.  Keep in mind that largemouth need to be 12 inches to be kept.  Please release any big largemouth bass you might catch.  They are the future of largemouth bass fishing in the reservoir.  If you catch any undersized fish please release them gently and allow them to grow up.


We are still seeing striper boils around the lake, mostly early in the morning and toward closing.  Shakers continue to be the main action with striped bass.  We are still seeing many undersized fish being caught for every keeper.  The fishing pier by the Marina has been particularly good.  From shore, cut anchovies or shad is the bait of choice.  Just a reminder, stripers need to be 18 inches or more to be legal.  Please release the small fish as quickly and carefully as possible.  They are the future of our striped bass fishery. An 11.71 pound striper was caught in Cowboy Cove on a nightcrawler and a 7.2 pound fish was caught on an anchovy from the Marina dock.


Catfish are hit or miss with fish being reported out of Cowboy and South Coves.  As the water warms we look to see more fish being caught.  For those wishing to target catfish, nightcrawlers and chicken liver are the best choices of bait.  We encourage and appreciate the release of any monster catfish (15 lbs plus).  Three large cats were caught this week in Peninsula Cove on anchovies.  They were 13.6, 12.0 and 12.5 pounds.

Frozen Bait Available At North Entrance Gate on Weekends

We have frozen bait available for purchase at the North Entrance gate (near Brentwood) on the weekends.  We have anchovies, chicken liver and shad. You can only buy the frozen bait at the gate, not the watershed office.

Los Vaqueros, A Popular, Beautiful, Fishing Destination 


Los Vaqueros is not only the largest reservoir in the Bay Area, but has also become a popular fishing destination. 

Trout, stripers and catfish are commonly targeted. With the expansion of the reservoir in 2012, habitat for largemouth bass have been added and that fishery is expected to soon begin to produce exciting opportunities for largemouth anglers. 

The beautiful Los Vaqueros Marina on the reservoir's south side near Livermore offers fishing licenses, bait, snacks and electric boat rentals. 

On the north side of the reservoir near Brentwood, there are no services available, but anglers can park at the John Muir Interpretive Center and take a steep hike about a half-mile to fishing areas near the dam and in Peninsula Cove. 

Here is a map of the watershed. 

There are three fishing piers along the shore of the reservoir.  The pier near the Marina is ADA-accessible.

The Marina and the south entrance to the watershed is accessible from Vasco Road at the Alameda-Contra Costa County line near Livermore. Here are Directions. The lake has been stocked with game fish including rainbow trout, salmon, catfish and largemouth black bass. The reservoir is available for day use only. 

A California State Fishing License and a CCWD Daily Fishing Access Pass Permit ($5) are required for fishing. There is a $6 parking fee to enter Los Vaqueros.

Additional Information

Please call the Marina at 925-371-2628 for more information.
Fish 112816
David Martinez, Gabriel Martinez and Bobby Tilney of San Jose fished LV's North Side with pink Mice Tails and white Power Eggs with great results on November 28.  North Side fishing involves a long and steep walk, but has great rewards.  
DERBY WINNER!  Erik Patzner of Dublin' caught this 21.23 pounder with a swimbait Oct. 25 to handily win the October Striper Derby. He returned the fish to reservoir.  
Yi Ren of Tracy landed this nice 15.1 pound catfish on Sept. 23, 2016 using an anchovy near the Marina. 

Dave Togami of San Jose landed this 10.99 lb. trout on Sept. 5, 2016 using a jig while fishing in the South Cove.

Victoria Ramirez of Bay Point landed this 16.5 pound strriper on May 30, 2016  and using anchovy in Penn Cove.

Trout Derby Winner

Pat Parra of Campbell won the April Los Vaqueros Trout Derby with this 12.19 Pound catch, caught in the South Cove with a Kastmaster.  He won a Piranha Fish Finder. 

Kevin Tobeck from Tracy caught this limit of rainbows while fishing from the North Side of the Los Vaqueros Reservoir on April 19, 2016.  To get there is a bit of a walk.  Park at the Interpretive Center, and then walk over the dam.  There's a variety of fishing habitat, and not much of a crowd.  
This 8 pound largemouth was caught on the
 northside of the reservoir on March 26, 2016
 with nightcrawlers. 
Jan. 10, 2016 brought this rare double rainbow over the water at Los Vaqueros Reservoir.  Matt De la Madrid of the LVRC staff took this great shot from the docks at the Marina.