1. Home Water Use Survey

    Get tips and information from the Contra Costa Water District water conservation team.

  2. Free Water Conservation Devices

    Learn how you can obtain free water conservation devices from the Conservation Office.

  3. Lawn to Garden

    Learn about the benefits of replacing water-thirsty lawns with water-efficient gardens.

  4. Smart Sprinkler Timer Rebates

    Find out how to participate in the smart sprinkler rebate program.

  5. Get Mulch Coupons

    Use our coupons to save money when you buy mulch.

  6. Get Car Wash Coupons

  7. Drought Survival Tips

    With water becoming increasingly scarce, you need a strategy to keep your plants alive.

  8. Water Conservation Tips

    We've put together a series of quick water conservation tips, just 1 or 2 paragraphs that will give you a useful suggestion that will help you save water.

  9. Landscape Water Saving Tips

    Learn about water-saving landscaping tips.

  10. Drought Management Plan Exceptions Request

    If you've had a change in your circumstances, and need to adjust your water budget, please fill out and submit an exceptions request form.

  11. Subscribe to our Conservation E-Newsletter

    Subscribe to our Conservation Newsletter

  12. Share Your Drought Tips

  13. Gardening in Contra Costa County

  14. How to Read Your Water Meter

  15. Contact the CCWD Conservation Department

  16. Laundry to Landscape Greywater System $50 Rebate

  17. Pool Cover $50 Rebate

  18. Rain Water Harvesting & Rain Gardens