Apartments / Condos

  1. Interior Water Use Survey

    Read about this free service offered to multi-family customers.

  2. Landscape Water Use Survey

    This program assists owners and managers of large landscape areas.

  3. Multi-Family & Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate

    The Multi-Family & Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate Program provides a rebate of up to $450 to help CCWD service area customers purchase or lease qualified Energy Star Certified commercial clothes washers (Energy Star Commercial Washers).

  4. Conservation Resources for Businesses

    Drought Resources for Businesses

  5. Free Water Conservation Devices

  6. Lawn to Garden Rebate Program

  7. Smart Sprinkler Timer Rebates

    For a limited time, the District is offering rebates on select smart sprinkler timers. Smart timers reduce water waste by adjusting the landscape watering schedule automatically based on changes in the weather.

  8. Irrigation Equipment Rebate Program

    The District offers rebates on a select number of irrigation equipment on commercial, homeowner association and public agency sites.

  9. Get Mulch Coupons

  10. Get Car Wash Coupons

  11. Drought Survival Tips

  12. Gardening in Contra Costa County

  13. Water Conservation Tips