Lawn to Garden Rebate Program

We believe water is essential to everyone
We believe in thinking of the future
We believe in challenging the norm
We challenge the norm by advocating for beautiful gardens and landscapes that save water in our community

The CCWD Lawn to Garden Rebate Program provides rebates to qualified customers to replace their existing water-thirsty front lawns with water-wise landscaping.  The rebate is $1 per square foot with a maximum of $1,000 per single family residence and up to $20,000 for commercial, homeowner associations, industrial and institutional properties. The program is not retroactive. 

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Potential Federal Tax on Rebates: 

CCWD may be required to issue IRS 1099 tax forms to customers receiving rebates totaling $600 or more in a calendar year starting January 1, 2016.Click HERE for more information.

Double Your Rebate!  
The State of California is also offering a rebate for replacing your Lawn with water-wise landscaping. This is a separate program from CCWD’s rebate and has its own application and rules.  Click here for a link to the State Rebate Program.

As of Sept. 19, 2017 State Funding is Likely Depleted. This Does Not Include CCWD-Funded Rebates. Please Check With The State Program.


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  1. September 30

    The Drought Resistant Garden This workshop is presented by Annie's Annuals and Perennials. The Drought Resistant Garden with Kate Frey. Join Kate as she thinks about drought from the plant’s perspective. Drought resistance is now a normal part of our gardening vocabulary – yet have we considered this term from a plant’s point of view? Kate will discuss the factors of a plant’s make-up and physical environment that enable it to resist drought, as well as what we can we do in our gardens to aid their ability to withstand it...
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  2. October 1

    Your Spectacular Spring Garden Starts … NOW! Annie Shows You How! This garden talk is presented by Annie's Annuals and Perennials. Want to know what we do here at the nursery to get our gardens in tip-top shape for maximum magic come April? Want to know what to plant right now? How about a preview of some of the newest and neatest plants we’ve trialed this year? Be here and behold – Annie is gonna share all that good stuff!
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  3. October 12

    Getting a Grip on Drip The University of California in partnership with the Contra Costa Water District present Get a Grip on Drip, a drip irrigation management workshop designed for landscape irrigation managers. The workshop features indoor presentations with accompanying outdoor demonstrations. Additional complementary resources will be provided to all attendees after the event. Certificates of attendance are available for attendees who wish to sign up for Irrigation Association (IA) or National Association of Land...
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Our new  Maintaining Your Water-Wise Landscape Facebook Group provides a forum for residents in Contra Costa County (and elsewhere) to get and share advice on maintaining their water-wise landscapes. See what others have done. You’ll also learn about great workshops, rebates for mulch and much more.

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  1. We've Added - AGAIN! - Three More Examples of Beautiful Local 'Lawn To Garden' Conversions

    We now have 42 local complete lawn-to garden homes on display on our public website. Today, we added three more homes from Concord; including one that has the most complete transformation we've seen. We have 'Before & After' photos and so much more. See the beautiful water-saving gardens...
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    Take a look at our car wash coupons. Print these coupons for discounts at eight local car washes that help you save money and save water. All the car washes listed recycle their water. Additional Info...
  3. Grow Plants That Belong Where You Live

    The California Native Plant Database is one of the best sources we've ever seen for finding all kinds of native plants that will thrive in your yard. More than 2,000 plants are cataloged. Take a look, and grow the plants that belong where you live. Additional Info...
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