Water Quality

  1. Bay Delta Conservation Plan Comments

    The Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) has been under development since 2006 and is intended to reduce the impacts of exporting water from the Delta.

  2. Contaminants & Purification

    Learn about what can be in tap water including different contaminants.

  3. Lead & CCWD Drinking Water

    None of the water service pipelines use by the Contra Costa Water District contain lead. Within CCWD, the greatest chance for exposure to lead is from the pipes and fixtures used in older homes.

  4. Emergency Preparedness

    Most households keep emergency kits of supplies they can quickly turn to when there is a major earthquake or another type of disaster.

  5. Frequently Asked Questions

    View some of the many frequently asked questions about your water quality.

  6. How to Get Involved

    Find out how you can get involved in the quality of your communities water.

  7. Main Cleaning Program

    The CCWD Valve Program keeps pipes clean.

  8. Project Updates

    The Contra Costa Water District regularly maintains and improves its water system to provide excellent service to its customers.

  9. Reporting Suspicious Activity at a CCWD Facility

    The Contra Costa Water District is working to guard against theft at its facilities and is asking the public for help.

  10. Safe Drinking Water Guidelines

    All drinking water systems are required by the California Department of Health Services to provide consumers with safe drinking water following certain guidelines.

  11. Triennial Public Health Goals Report (PDF)

    Access the Triennial Public Health Goals Report.

  12. Water Hyacinth

    The colorful and often-beautiful water hyacinth is quickly taking over the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta.

  13. Water Quality Data

    Find detailed information about the water that comes from your tap before and after it's treated.

  14. Water Quality Notifications

    Learn about cryptosporidium and methyl-tertiary butyl ether's presence in tap water.

  15. Water Quality Update

    Safe, clean drinking water is a necessity of life, and the Contra Costa Water District works hard to ensure that you and your family have a reliable supply of this necessity.

  16. CCWD Water Quality Reports

  17. Thinking of Buying a Water Filter?

    California tests and evaluates most water filters that are available for sale in California. Take a look at this link and see how they perform.

  18. Giant Sled Cleans Part of the Contra Costa Canal

    See how we clean a 15-mile portion of the Contra Costa Canal using a huge sled that's pushed by the current in the canal.

  19. Water Quality Hotline