Water Hyacinth

Aquatic Weed Alert

The colorful and often-beautiful water hyacinth is quickly taking over the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta. This is a concern for CCWD because the only source of water for the 500,000 District customers is the Delta, and the hyacinth, which grows faster than any known plant, has the potential to degrade CCWD's water quality.

The hyacinth, a South American plant imported into California in the early 1900s, not only chokes waterways but reduces oxygen levels in water and increases the deposit of silt and organic matter at several times the normal rate, all of which is bad for the Delta, our drinking water supply, fish and the ecosystem.

What You Can Do

Do not use water hyacinth to decorate ornamental ponds. It could get into waterways and storm drains.
Purple water hyacinth flower
The California Department of Boating and Waterways clearing out the hyacinth.
If you have hyacinth in your pond, put the plants in a plastic bag, seal it, and then send it to the garbage (seeds can still germinate after 25 to 30 years).

Check bilge pumps and boating equipment when leaving an infested area to make sure you are not spreading the weed.

If you see hyacinth in the Delta, report it to the California Department of Boating and Waterways at 888-326-2822.