Programs & Field Trips

  1. Canal Safety & You

    Fishing, swimming, or playing in the canal is very dangerous. That's why the Contra Costa Water District makes one of its professional canal safety patrol officers available for school assemblies.

  2. Classroom Presentations

    All class programs cover grade appropriate information on water sources, treating water for health and safety, and source protection and conservation.

  3. Delta Discovery Voyage

    Classroom science lessons come alive for 5th graders on a 90-foot-long research vessel that was custom built in 1998 to provide a safe and stable floating laboratory for students.

  4. Frequently Asked Questions

    Get information on the various water education programs and field trip opportunities.

  5. Los Vaqueros Watershed Field Trips

    With a visit to the watershed, students can have a memorable day learning about the natural and cultural history of the local area.

  6. Rock Steady Water Education Assemblies

    Rock Steady Juggling offers innovative, high-quality and entertaining education about water science, conservation and environmental issues free of charge.

  7. Water Treatment Plant Tours

    Tour one of Contra Costa Water District's state-of-the-art water treatment plants in Concord or Oakley. Learn about the different materials and organisms that are found in raw water and how it is treated to become fit to drink.