Call Before You Dig

Many water, natural gas, electric and telephone lines lie harmlessly underground - until someone carelessly digs into them. To prevent possible injury, interruptions of service or the loss of valuable water or energy, call Underground Service Alert (USA) toll-free at 800-642-2444 at least 2 working days before you begin any excavation - planting trees, landscaping, trenching, post holes, etc. Describe where you plan to dig and then CCWD or any other USA sponsors will tell you whether or not there are facilities owned by them in the area and, if so, approximately where they are located. If needed, a representative will visit the location and mark them for you.

CCWD can mark its pipes, lines and other facilities up to the meter at your home, office or other facilities. The underground pipes that lead from the meter to your home or facilities cannot be marked by CCWD since they are not owned or maintained by CCWD.