1. Garden Tours

    Visiting other yards is a good way to get inspired and get ideas for your garden design.

  2. Gardens to See

    Looking at other people’s gardens is a good way to get ideas and learn what you like and do not like when it comes to gardens.

  3. Landscape Professionals

    Landscape professionals provide many different services. Landscape architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors can all design your garden.

  4. Plant Sales (PDF)

    Find a list of local non-profit organizations that have regular or annual plant sales and events.

  5. Select Your Plants

    Plant selection should be based a variety of factors: on a chosen theme or look; on the conditions of the site; on personal preference; and on the size, characteristics and appearance of plants.

  6. Where to Buy

    You can get your plants at local nurseries, nurseries specializing in California natives, by mail order, or at a local plant sale.