Photos & Maps

CCWD Directors and General Manager Jerry Brown

Lisa Borba, AICP, President, Div. 1

Lisa M. Borba, Director, Division 1

John Burgh, Director, Div. 2

John Burgh, Director, Division 2

Ernesto A. Avila, P.E., Director, Div. 3

Ernesto A. Avila, PE, Director Division 3

Bette Boatmun, Director, Div. 4

Bette Boatmun, Director, Division 4

Connstance Holdaway, Vice President, Div. 5

Connstance Holdaway, Director, Division 5

Jerry Brown, General Manager

Jerry Brown

Contra Costa Canal

Aerial Photo of Contra Costa Canal

Map with Directors' District Boundaries


Map of the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta

Map of the Delta

CCWD Main Office

CCWD Main Office

Engineering, Construction & Planning Building

Planning, Engineering, and Construction Services Building

Randall Bold Water Treatment Plant

Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plant

Bollman Water Treatment Plant

Ralph D. Bollman Water Treatment Plant

Bollman Water Treatment Plant Sedimentation Basins

Bollman Water Treatment Plant

Map Without Directors' Borders

CCWD Map Without Directors Borders

Trail & Topo Map Of Los Vaqueros Watershed (PDF)

Trails Map

Concord Maintenance Center

Concord Maintenance Center

Los Vaqueros Interperative Center

Los Vaqueros Interpretive Center