Commercial Irrigation Controller Rebate Program

To qualify for a Irrigation Controller Rebate, the site must:
  • Be a Commercial, Multi-Family or Municipal customer in the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) service area of:
    • Concord
    • Clayton
    • Clyde
    • Martinez
    • Pacheco
    • Specific areas of Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek
  • Also eligible are service areas of:
    • Antioch
    • Bay Point
    • Martinez
    • Oakley
    • Pittsburg
    • Parts of Brentwood
  • Have a dedicated irrigation meter(s) or a landscape sub-meter(s) to measure all landscape water use.
  • Have historical water consumption above 150% of CCWD's site-specific Landscape Water Budget.
  • Have a well-maintained irrigation system that is in good working order.
  • This program is for commercial, multi-family, and institutional customers only.
Applying for the Program
Steps to complete program:
  1. Call to schedule a free pre-inspection from CCWD and request an approval letter to proceed.
  2. Select, purchase, and install a 'Smart' irrigation controller from CCWD's list of approved controllers. All irrigated areas on site must be converted to a 'Smart' irrigation controller(s) to receive rebate.
  3. Submit to CCWD:
    • Completed application
    • The original, dated sales receipt or invoice listing all equipment
  4. Receive final inspection from CCWD.
  5. Direct groundskeeper to make recommended scheduling changes, if any, from final inspection.