Residential Sprinkler Rebate Controller Program

To qualify for a 'Smart' Sprinkler Timer Rebate you need to:
  • Be a residential customer in the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) service area of:
    • Concord
    • Clayton
    • Clyde
    • Martinez
    • Pacheco
    • Specific areas of Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek
  • Also eligible are service areas of:
    • Antioch
    • Bay Point
    • Oakley
    • Martinez
    • Pittsburg
    • Parts of Brentwood
  • Receive a free Residential Water Use Survey from CCWD. An irrigation schedule will be developed for all timer stations.
  • Have a well-maintained irrigation system that is in good working order, a minimum of 500 square feet of well-maintained lawn, and a minimum of 4 active irrigation stations.
  • Site must have a winter-to-summer difference in consumption of at least 800 gallons per day.
  • This program is for residential customers only.
Steps for Applying
Steps to complete program:
  1. Call to schedule a free Residential Water Use Survey, if not already performed, and request an approval letter to proceed.
  2. Select, purchase, and install a 'Smart' sprinkler timer from CCWD's list of approved controllers. All irrigated areas on site must be converted to a 'Smart' sprinkler timer(s) to receive rebate. Hint: Before removing the old timer, mark or tag wires with station numbers to aid in connecting them correctly to the new timer.
  3. Submit to CCWD:
    • Completed application
    • The original, dated sales receipt or invoice listing all equipment
  4. Receive final inspection from CCWD. CCWD will review scheduling information on the timer(s) and, if necessary, make changes to the schedule after discussion with applicant.