Golden Eagles

June 2018  

The following trails at Los Vaqueros are closed to protect nesting golden eagles.

  • Adobe Trail
  • Miwok Trail
  • Kellogg Creek Trail from Kellogg Recreation Area to Mariposa Canyon
  • Mariposa Canyon Trail
  • Crest Trail
  • Eagle Ridge Trail from Walnut Trail to Vista Grande Trail
  • Los Vaqueros Trail from Black Hills Trail to Canada Trail
  • Homestead Trail

Golden Eagle Nest Closing Facts

  • Nesting golden eagles are extremely sensitive to the presence of people. They will leave their nest if they see people nearby. (Their eyesight is much better than human eyesight!)
  • People must stay at least one-half mile from the eagles to ensure the best chances of a successful nest. CCWD closes trails near active nests.
  • Eagles who are disturbed are likely to leave the nest. This could cause eggs or chicks to die.
  • Nesting usually occurs from mid February to late June.
  • The coastal range in the greater Bay Area has the largest golden eagle population in the world. Some golden eagles live at Los Vaqueros year-round, while others just pass through the area.
2018 Golden Eagle Trail Closures

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Year Golden Eagles Fledged at Los Vaqueros
2017 0
2016 4
2015 0
2014 3
2013 5
2012 8
2011 4
2010 5
2009 3
2008 4
2007 5


Facts About Golden Eagles

  • The golden eagle is one of the largest, fastest, nimblest raptors in North America. 
  • They typically prey on mammals ranging in size from ground squirrels up to prairie-dogs, marmots, and jackrabbits.
  • Golden eagles can have a wingspan of up to seven feet and weigh more than seven pounds.