Watch for Imposters

The Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) reminds customers to watch out for imposters representing themselves as water district employees (or another utility representative) to scam area residents. In some cases, imposters will contact residents by telephone or in person and attempt to make arrangements that would allow them access to homes.
Contra Costa Water District
It is rare for a CCWD employee to need to enter a home or apartment without making a prior appointment. Occasionally, there are times when CCWD water quality employees do need access to a home. In those cases, they are responding to a request initiated by the customer and they will never ask for a social security number or any other personal information. CCWD field employees would never ask for payment of a fine. While District employee may occasionally collect payments for a water bill, this is only on very rare occasions. Customers will have received previous invoices for these bills and will receive a receipt.

How to Stay Safe
Residents can stay safe by requiring anyone who says he or she is a CCWD employee to show an identification badge. CCWD badges have the employee’s name, picture, and the CCWD logo printed on it.

In addition, residents should make sure that the employee is wearing clothing with the words Contra Costa Water District and the CCWD logo on it. Also, CCWD employees will always be driving a vehicle with a CCWD logo on the side. To verify the identity of a CCWD employee, call CCWD at 925-688-8095. Should residents suspect the person at their door is an imposter, they should not allow that person in their home and they should call the police at 911.