Water Rates

State law requires a public agency such as CCWD to set rates and levy charges sufficient to cover operating expenses, including interest on debts, and to provide funds for replacement or construction of facilities. The District residential water rates are made up of the following basic components:

  • Energy surcharge: Designed to return the cost of power needed to pump the water to higher levels. The charge varies and depends on the elevation to which the service is provided.
  • Fire protection surcharge: This charge represents the cost of additional water facilities needed for fire protection. These include reservoirs for storing water so that it will be available to fight fires, along with larger pipelines to certain areas to ensure that adequate flows will be ready at all times at every fire hydrant.
  • Quantity (volume) charge: Based on the actual amount of water used, measured in HCF's (hundred cubic feet).
  • Service and demand charge: A bimonthly charge to cover the fixed cost of maintaining your meter, your account, and your basic water facilities.
If you'd like a copy of the current rate schedule and Code of Regulations, please contact Customer Service at 925-688-8044 or look here