Free Drought Resources to Help Restaurants And Businesses Save Water

California is experiencing one of the most severe droughts in recent history. 

On May 5, the State of California adopted numerous water conservation regulations to help reduce statewide water use by 25 percent.  One of the state regulations requires that restaurants only serve water upon request. 

CCWD wants to help businesses and their customers achieve their water-savings goals during the drought and is offering these resources to our customers free of charge.

Table-Tent Cards

A tastefully-designed ‘table-tent’ card to be placed on tables in restaurants. 

The cards state that California is in a drought and that water is served upon request while also acknowledging the restaurant for their conservation efforts.

Size: 4.5” length, 3.5” width, 3.25” depth     

Table-Tent Details

Bathroom Mirror Decals

Bathroom mirror decals gently remind your customers and employees to conserve water. The decals are in English and Spanish.

The ‘cling-stick’ material easily attaches and removes from mirrors with no residue.

Size: 4.25 width x 5.25 height in white colored cling material

There are two versions of the decal:

a. (link to pdf) - Bathroom Mirror Decal -most commercial businesses,

b. (link to pdf) - Bathroom Mirror Decal - designed for most multi-family common areas, gyms and hotels.


Toilet Leak Detection Dye Tablets

Fixing leaks is the surest way to water savings!

Businesses which have traditional tank-type toilets can use these dye tablets to test for toilet leaks.

For an instructional video visit:

Select "Indoor Water Efficiency:" and then "How to Find A Toilet Leak"

Fill out my online form.