Imagine a Day Without Water: SePt 15, 2016 

Thursday, Sept. 15 is "Imagine a Day Without Water"

Organized by the Value of Water Coalition, hundreds of organizations across the country -- including CCWD--  will remind customers of the crucial need for investment to ensure that no community in America is left without water.

Most Americans take water, and the systems that bring it to and from homes and businesses, for granted.

They turn on the tap, and safe drinking water reliably comes out. They flush the toilet, and they don’t have to think twice about how that wastewater will be taken away and safely treated before it is returned to the environment.
But could you imagine a day without water? Without safe, reliable water and wastewater service?
A day without water means:

  • no water comes out of your tap to brush your teeth. 
  • when you flush the toilet, nothing happens.
  • firefighters have no water to put out fires,
  • farmers couldn’t water their crops, 
  • and doctors couldn’t wash their hands before they treat patients.
A day without water is nothing short of a crisis.
While unimaginable for most of us, there are communities that have lived without water, without the essential systems that bring water to and from their homes and businesses.

Please take a look at our new video "Always For You" that takes a look at how the Contra Costa Water District honors its unbreakable promise to always provide reliable, clean and safe water for our community, for neighborhoods and families. 
Day Without Water