CCWD Initiates Water Rate Structure Study

The Contra Costa Water District is currently evaluating its rate structure.  This Water Rate Structure Study is a technical analysis, conducted by an outside contractor, to recommend changes to the existing rate structure as appropriate.  The guiding principles for this Study are as follows: 

·        Ensure financial sufficiency and stability

·        Provide affordable water for essential use

·        Allocate costs equitably

·        Encourage efficient water use

·        Enhance customer understanding of the rate structure

Customers will have opportunities to view updated information as the Study progresses by attending CCWD's Board of Director meetings and/or referencing this page.  To date, the Board has received two updates and materials from those updates are linked below:

·        February 1, 2017:  Kick-off of Water Rate Structure Study

o   Board docket

o   Presentation to Board

·        April 19, 2017:    Water Rate Structure Study Update

o   Board docket (and attached staff report)

o   Presentation to Board (given by CCWD staff)

CCWD will complete the Study and use the final report to develop the 2018 rate proposal to be considered by the Board in January 2018.  Below is the current schedule to complete the Study and rate proposal:

  April to July 2017
  • Conduct financial plan and cost of service analysis
  August 2017
  • Present rates structure and customer feedback update to CCWD Board of Directors
  October 2017
  • Adopt final report
  November - December 2017
  • 2018 Rate Setting Process begins - 218 Notice and public outreach
  January 2018
  • Public hearing for 2018 rates
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