October 13, 2017

There is a Red Flag Warning continuing through this weekend. Work at LV will be modified or discontinued until the warning is lifted.

The Tarantula Run will be held on Saturday, but runners will be restricted to running along Walnut Blvd.

Tarantula Run preparations will need to be modified to avoid activities that could throw a spark and start a fire. Fencing work is on hold.

General Operating Procedures during periods of Level 2/Red Flag Restrictions include:

Watershed will remain open with the following restrictions in effect:

A. No smoking outside of enclosed vehicles.

B. No open fires or barbeques of any type. Gas-fueled stoves are permitted in all areas.

C. Vehicles are restricted to driving only on designated roadways; no cross-country driving.

D. No use of gasoline-powered equipment (e.g. mowers in rough areas, weed eaters, chain saws, welders and generators) outside of irrigated areas, designated campgrounds or developed recreational areas. Maintenance of irrigated areas is permitted. Road grading is permitted provided extra protection fire safety measures approved by the Fire Chief are implemented.

E. Contractors may continue working on District lands provided they institute extra protection fire safety measures approved by the Watershed Superintendent. Contractor operations must be directly supervised by a District representative to ensure specified extra protection fire safety measures are implemented.

F. Increase monitoring and patrol by Watershed Staff.

1. Keep fire danger adjective signs current.

2. Post appropriate fire hazard warning signs.

3. Prepare and check all fire equipment for readiness.

 4. Notify all groups, special event participants, day-use visitors, permittees, contractors and watershed employees of restrictions.