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  1. Bid Opportunities Registration

    To serve you better, CCWD now requires registration to view the engineering bid opportunities. Your information will be kept... More…


  1. Drought Management Plan Exceptions Request Form

    If you've had a change in your circumstances, and need to adjust your water budget, please fill out and submit this exceptions request... More…

  1. Home Water Use Survey

    Sign up for a free Home Water Use Survey. We'll call you to schedule a date.


  1. Contact CCWD

    Thank you for contacting CCWD. We answer emails promptly. Emails addressed to specific employees, Board Members or departments will... More…

Lawn to Garden

  1. Request for a Water Efficient Landscape Program Application

    Eligibility - Applies to front yards only - Must be replacing an existing lawn (alive or dead) - Existing lawn must have in-ground... More…