1. We’re Updating Our Rates for 2019

    Our commitment to providing water service to you goes beyond the operation of the vast and sophisticated infrastructure required to deliver safe, reliable, high-quality water. We are also committed to providing this service at the lowest cost possible. Read about the proposed changes...
  2. Newly completed Highway 4/Balfour Road interchange should ease traffic

    The first big physical hurdle was a Contra Costa Water District 90-inch pipeline from Los Vaqueros Reservoir to the Contra Costa Canal that stood in the way. Officials later devised a plan to move the roadway instead, saving $18 million in the process. Additional Info...
  3. Highway 4 and Balfour Road Interchange Project Complete

    We are proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with several local agencies on this important project to reach a creative solution and save Contra Costa County tax payers millions of dollars. Read the press release.
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