1. CCWD Partners With Local Conservation Corp

    This year, Contra Costa Water District began an exciting new partnership with Civicorps, a local conservation corp, to support vegetation management programs along the Contra Costa Canal and Los Vaqueros watershed areas. Read on...
  2. Water Rate Proposal for 2023

    Part of providing sustainable water service is conducting an annual review of water rates and charges. Water rates are increased only in an amount necessary for the purchase, treatment, transport, and delivery of safe, high-quality, and reliable water. Learn about the proposed rate adjustment.
  3. Seasonal Weather Changes and Your Water

    If you’re noticing a different “earthy” taste to your water lately, be assured it’s perfectly safe to use. The recent dry and sunny weather has caused a change in organic materials and algae in the Delta. We’re taking steps to minimize these impacts. Read on...
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