1. Desaulnier, Harris, Feinstein introduce bill to give Contra Costa Canal to water district

    News Article from the East Bay Times: The Contra Costa Water District is looking to upgrade the 48-mile aqueduct that serves half a million county residents, but to invest millions in the aging system, it first wants to own it. Read the article here.
  2. California Water Commission Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP) Determination Information

    Commission staff has released preliminary determination information to assist the Commission in making determinations required by WSIP regulations section 6011(c). See the staff recommendations for LVE.
  3. Slow for the Cone Zone

    Watch for workers and drive with caution when you see our construction crews. We regularly maintain and improve the water system to provide excellent service to our customers. Check to see if there is work happening in your neighborhood. Project Updates...
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