Augmented Reality Sandbox

Experience Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality Sandbox brings earth science to life by merging hands-on play with digital effects. It combines a real sandbox with a motion-sensing camera and a digital projector. As you shape the sand with your hands, the camera detects the changes and a computer projects colors depicting elevation, vividly illustrating the principles of topographic maps. 

Shape Watersheds

You can create rainstorms, lakes, and rivers, and immediately see how reshaping the sand surface changes the water flow. The mountains and lakes you make represent parts of a watershed or basin - an area of land that is connected by the water that flows over it.

The sandbox lives at the Los Vaqueros Interpretive Center in Brentwood, which is open to the public for free on the weekends from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Call our Water Education Staff at 925-688-8109 or email us.

AR Box in Action at DC
AR Sandbox