Agricultural Irrigation

  1. Rate Structure Changes
  2. Annual Rate Adjustment
  3. Putting it all together

1) Rate Structure Changes

Your water bill is determined based on what it costs to serve water to your home or business. Due to state requirements, the changing water use trends driven by the recent drought, and our fiscal responsibility, we need to reassess our rate structure.

  • We worked with an independent consultant to ensure proper allocation of costs among customers and develop the Final Administrative Record for Rate Structure Analysis (PDF). Our rate structure changes align water rates with the cost of your water service, nothing more.
  • These structural changes only affect how rates and charges are allocated among customers; they do not result in additional funds for the District overall. 
  • With the rate structure changes, some customers’ bills will go down, while others will go up depending on their service.


The untreated water rates have been standardized to increase ease of understanding and administration. 

Annual Service Charge – The annual service charge for agricultural irrigation purposes was previously assessed per acre. The service charge is now to be assessed the same rate per account. The service charge covers the customer service and billing costs.

Usage Charge – The usage charge covers the cost of purchasing source water, delivery, and conservation programs. The usage charge for agricultural irrigation service has historically been lower than other customer classes. In response to customer feedback on our draft plan, the increase in the usage charge is part of a three-year phase-in of rate adjustments to bring the rates to be the same as for all customers. The 2018 usage charge was $124.92 per acre-foot (or $0.38 per thousand gallons). The 2019 standard usage charge for all customer classes is $2.13 per thousand gallons (or $694.02 per acre-foot). The District recognizes that the rate adjustment may have a significant business impact for customers, therefore will make the usage charge adjustments for agricultural irrigation service over three years. The rate adjustment is $1.47 per thousand gallons (or $478.97 per acre-foot).