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Your Water Rates At Work

We regularly maintain and improve the water system to provide excellent service to our customers. This prudent and proactive approach results in fewer unexpected main breaks and ensures a reliable system of high-quality water. Use this page to learn about planned and active construction projects. Note: Emergency work, like leak repairs, won't be listed on this page.

We strive to build our projects as safely and as efficiently as possible, while minimizing disruptions to our neighbors. The map below will help you stay informed about what water projects are going on in the communities we serve.

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CEQA Documents

Ambrose Debris Screen Project

Shortcut Pipeline Improvement Project Phase 3

Contra Costa Canal Replacement Project Segment 5

Notices of Exemption

Below are Notices of Exemption (NOE) pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), related to upcoming District projects. These NOEs are for upcoming District projects that have been found to be exempt from further CEQA review as they are either upgrades and/or minor repairs to existing District facilities. They include a brief project description, a finding that the project is exempt from CEQA, including a citation to the relevant CEQA statute or CEQA guidelines section, and a brief statement of reasons to support the findings. NOEs have a 35-day public review period from the date that is stamped on the first page from the Contra Costa County Clerk’s Office.

Emergency Storm Damage Repair of Los Vaqueros Road and Culvert 24 within the Los Vaqueros Watershed

Mallard Reservoir Utility Abandonment - Project No. 122062