CCWD Redistricting

New election division boundaries approved! See below for approved final division map.

Following the US Census Bureau's data from the 2020 Census, CCWD must adjust its division boundaries to reflect new information from the census for the next general District election in November 2022. The redistricting deadline is April 17, 2022, as extended by Senate Bill 594 passed September 3, 2021.

About Redistricting

Redistricting aims to ensure fair and equitable representation on the CCWD Board of Directors. Each time the Census is conducted, we review existing electoral divisions to ensure they are substantially equal in population and reflect changes in demographics. 

Find out what division you reside in on our division map and see below for information about the redistricting process.

Timeline (subject to change)

Jan 5 at 6:30pmBoard Meeting - Docket (PDF)Introduction of census results and election redistricting process
Feb 2 at 5pmPublic Proposals DueSubmit redistricting map proposals
Mar 2 at 6:30pmBoard Meeting - Public Hearing 1 - Docket (PDF)Receive public comment on redistricting plan
Mar 16 at 6:30pmBoard Meeting - Public Hearing 2 - Docket (PDF)Approve final redistricting plan, legal boundaries and descriptions to meet the deadline on April 17, 2022

Approved Final Division Map

Redistricting Process Documents and Maps 

Questions about redistricting?

For more information, email or call 925-688-8169.