Save Money while Saving Water

Our goal is to make smart, sustainable choices easier for our customers. That's why we provide incentives for water use efficiency. See our current rebate programs below and check out Save Our Water to find out how you can double your rebate.

Lawn to Garden Rebate
Get up to $1,000 by replacing your water-thirsty front lawn with a water-wise landscape.

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate
Spruce up your sprinkler system with some help from us.

Laundry to Landscape Greywater Rebate
Get up to $50 for equipment and installation on a qualifying system.

Pool Cover Rebate
Get up to $50 back on a qualifying pool cover.

Flushometer Toilet and Urinal Rebate
Commercial, industrial and institutional customers can get up to $400 back for replacing their toilets and urinals with high-efficiency models.

Multi-Family and Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate
Multi-family and commercial customers can get up to $450 back for purchasing or leasing qualified Energy Star certified commercial grade clothes washers.

Commercial and Multi-Family Irrigation Equipment Rebate
Commercial, multi-family, and homeowners association customers can be reimbursed a portion of the cost to upgrade selected irrigation equipment.