Rebates and Coupons

Contra Costa Water District offers a variety of rebates, coupons, and devices to help you save water both indoors and outdoors. Our rebates are available to all customers served by CCWD and municipal systems in our service area, except Flume – see details below.

Residential Rebates

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Flume Smart Home Water Monitor Rebate
Get an instant rebate when you purchase a Flume Smart Home Water Monitor that can measure real-time water use, provide leak alerts, and help you manage your indoor and landscape water use.

Important Note: The Flume program is available to single-family residential customers in the Contra Costa Water District's (CCWD) retail service area who receive a water bill directly from CCWD.

Lawn to Garden Rebate
Get up to $2,000 by replacing your water-thirsty lawn with a water-wise landscape. Front and back yards are now eligible for conversion.  

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate
Spruce up your sprinkler system with some help from us.

Laundry to Landscape Greywater Rebate
Get up to $50 for equipment and installation on a qualifying system.

Pool Cover Rebate
Get up to $50 back on a qualifying pool cover.

Commercial and Multi-Family Rebates

Commercial and Multi-Family Irrigation Equipment Rebate
Commercial, multi-family, and homeowners association customers can be reimbursed a portion of the cost to upgrade selected irrigation equipment.

Commercial and Multi-Family Lawn to Garden Rebate
Replace lawn with water-wise landscape and get up to $20,000 per site for commercial, multi-family, and municipal customers.

Commercial and Multi-Family Clothes Washer Rebate
Multi-family and commercial customers can get up to $450 back for purchasing or leasing qualified Energy Star certified commercial grade clothes washers.

Commercial Flushometer Toilet and Urinal Rebate
Commercial, industrial and institutional customers can get up to $400 back for replacing their toilets and urinals with high-efficiency models.

Coupons and Devices

Car Wash Coupons
Get your car washed at a local car wash that recycles the majority of their wash water through advanced on-site filtration technologies. Check out our coupons for several 'Smart Wash' car washes and save water today!

Mulch Coupons
Water less when you add mulch to your landscape. Check out our mulch coupons to help you reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your soil.

Water Conservation Devices
We provide free water conservation devices like dye tablets to check for toilet leaks, faucet aerators, and more.