Lawn to Garden Rebate Program

PLEASE NOTE: All of our rebate programs are still available. However, rebate processing and any associated inspections will be delayed. We appreciate your cooperation, patience, and commitment to water efficiency. If you have questions, please call (925) 688-8320.

We believe water is essential to everyone
We believe in thinking of the future
We believe in challenging the norm
We challenge the norm by advocating for beautiful gardens and landscapes that save water in our community

The CCWD Lawn to Garden Rebate Program provides rebates to qualified customers to replace their existing water-thirsty front lawns with water-wise landscaping.  The rebate is $1 per square foot with a maximum of $1,000 per single family residence and up to $20,000 for commercial, homeowner associations, industrial and institutional properties. The program is not retroactive. 

Check out our resources for the Lawn to Garden Rebate Program below.

Rebate Information

Removing Your Lawn

Landscape Resources

Buying Plants

Drip Irrigation and Maintenance

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Maintaining Your Water-Wise Landscape
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Many homeowners have converted their water-thirsty lawns to water-wise Landscapes. The Maintaining Your Water-Wise Landscape Group was created to pro...