Water Education

Water Education Programs for Schools

The best way to develop wise users of our natural resources is through education, which is why the Water Education Programs (WEP) at Contra Costa Water District reaches nearly 30,000 elementary-school-aged students in our service area each year. Students learn about all things water through field trips to District facilities, in-class education programs, assemblies, teacher education events and participation in STEAM, STEM and other educational opportunities. 

Programs feature grade-level appropriate and NGSS and CCSS compliant material delivered through highly-trained and enthusiastic educators who blend education and entertaining activities. All programs are free of charge for public and private schools in our service area. Let us provide your students with a stimulating, age-appropriate and fun-filled educational experience!

Check out our Education Brochure (PDF) or click on the tabs below to learn more about the programs we offer:

  1. Field Trips
  2. Classroom Programs
  3. Assemblies

Field Trips

Los Vaqueros Watershed Field Trip

Visit Los Vaqueros Watershed for a day of exploration. Learn about water source geography, the community’s water supply, watershed protection, habitats, biodiversity, local history and Native American culture. Includes encounters with local animal species and hands-on activities. 4 hours. Grades 3 – 4.

Water Treatment Plant Tour

Tour one of our two water treatment plants in Concord or Oakley. Learn about the different materials and organisms that occur in untreated water and how water is treated to become fit to drink. Follow the steps through the treatment plant and learn about the pipeline system that delivers water throughout the community. Recommended in conjunction with the classroom presentation. 1.5 hours. Grade 5.

Delta Discovery Voyage

Spend a half-day on a research vessel studying the Delta. Collect and examine plankton and fish, find invertebrates in the bottom mud, run hydrology tests and observe Delta ecology. Space is very limited. Grade 5. Learn more about this program.