Water Education

Water Education Reimagined in a Virtual Environment

Due to the evolving climate of education in response to COVID-19, we've made changes to program format and content to best serve students, teachers and the community.

We reimagined our programs for the school year and are working with school districts and educators to accommodate virtual learning. All programs are free of charge for to schools in our service area.

Programs feature grade-level appropriate material delivered through highly-trained and enthusiastic educators who blend education and entertaining activities. For those of you who are new to our programs, please check out our Water Education brochure (PDF) for more information on the services we provide in a typical school year when virtual programs are not required.

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Let us know about your experience with our virtual water education programs during the 2020/2021 school year by filling out our Virtual Water Education Program Evaluation Form.

Virtual Classroom Programs

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Discover basic water concepts. All classes cover grade appropriate and NGSS-compliant information on water sources, treating water for health and safety, and source protection and conservation. In addition, individual grade levels address:

  • 3rd Grade: Properties of water
  • 4th Grade: California water history
  • 5th Grade: Water cycle and drinking water treatment

Virtual Field Trips

Sign up forms to request field trips for the 2021/2022 school year will be available in August 2021.

Los Vaqueros Watershed Field Trip

Visit Los Vaqueros Watershed for a day of exploration. Learn about water source geography, the community’s water supply, watershed protection, habitats, biodiversity, local history and Native American culture. Includes encounters with local animal species and hands-on activities. Grades 3 – 4.

Water Treatment Plant Tour

Tour our water treatment plant in Concord. Learn about the different materials and organisms that occur in untreated water and how water is treated to become fit to drink. Follow the steps through the treatment plant and learn about the pipeline system that delivers water throughout the community. Recommended in conjunction with the classroom presentation. Grade 5.


Virtual Water Theater

Exciting, interactive theater program that delivers important messages from exploring the local water system, to conservation and sustainability, to environmental connectivity. Students and teachers interact with the performers as music, singing, storytelling and comedy bring the message to life. Great for elementary and middle schools. 45 minutes.

This school assembly program is presented by Rock Steady Juggling. For more information and to schedule an assembly, contact Rock Steady Juggling.