Corporate Structure

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets policy for the District. The Board is composed of 5 members, each elected to 4-year terms. The Board meets in regular session on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room at the Contra Costa Water District's Center, 1331 Concord Avenue in Concord.

General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for the management of the District, which is comprised of the General Manager's office and two Assistant General Manager's offices. Jerry Brown is the General Manager.

Assistant General Manager Administration

The Assistant General Manager Administration is responsible for the management of HR/Risk, Finance and Information Services. Ron Jacobsma is the Assistant General Manager of Administration.

Assistant General Manager Engineering

The Assistant General Manager of Engineering is responsible for the management of Engineering, Construction, Operations and Maintenance, Planning, and Watershed and Lands. Stephen J. Welch is the Assistant General Manager of Engineering.

Special Assistant to the General Manager

The Special Assistant to the General Manager is responsible for future Los Vaqueros expansion and partnerships along with evaluations and monitoring of Bay-Delta Activities. Marguerite Patil is the Special Assistant to the General Manager.

Director of Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Department is responsible for public relations, media relations and community relations. Jennifer Allen is the Director of Public Affairs.

Director of Operations & Maintenance

The Operations and Maintenance Department is responsible for operating and maintaining the District's facilities involved in the supply, treatment and distribution of water, including the complete Los Vaqueros facilities. It is the largest Department in the District, with approximately 150 employees. Pete Schoemann is the Director of Operations and Maintenance.

Director of Engineering

The Director of Engineering is responsible for developing District design standards, determining project scope and budget development, providing designs and engineering support, and overall project management for treated and untreated water system infrastructure improvements. The Director is also responsible for planning, inspecting and managing all District construction activities. In addition, the Director is responsible for implementation of all aspects of the District's Health and Safety Program. Rachel Murphy is the Director of Engineering.

Director of Planning

The Planning Department is responsible for preparing the District master plans and studies, acquiring and managing grants, developing the Ten-Year Capital Improvement Program annually, ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations and resource protection requirements of the Los Vaqueros Watershed and mitigation properties, as well as air quality, hazardous materials, and water discharge regulations. The Department is also responsible for land management and real property services. Jeff Quimby is the Director of Planning.

Director of Finance

The Finance Department is responsible for general accounting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, customer service, meter reading, customer billing and collections, rate setting, investments, capital financing, tracking and project controls, conservation, mail distribution and maintaining the information systems of the District. Lizz Cook is the Director of Finance.

Human Resources & Risk Manager

The Human Resources and Risk Manager is responsible for the management of human resources and risk management functions of the District. These duties include and management of health, wellness and retirement benefits for employees and retirees. Sonja Stanchina is the Human Resources and Risk Manager.

Information Systems Manager

The Information Systems Manager serves as the District’s Chief Information Officer and is responsible for providing strategic direction, technology vision and leadership in the development and implementation of the organization-wide information technology program. These duties include: management and oversight of all Information Systems capabilities; long term planning; and managing the District's use of cloud-based apps, including access, security and enhancements. James Yeom is the Information Systems Manager.