Water Treatment Plant Tours

ATTENTION TEACHERS!!!  Our Water Treatment Plant Tours are completely booked for the 2017/2018 School Year.  Please contact Justin Fivella at (925) 688-8307 or jfivella@ccwater.com for more information.

For Teachers

If you're interested in any Contra Costa Water District Water Education Program, please contact us by phone at 925-688-8109 or via
email. You can also submit an entry form.
Kids Touring the Ozone
Treatment Plants
Tour one of Contra Costa Water District's state-of-the-art water treatment plants in Concord or Oakley. Learn about the different materials and organisms that are found in raw water and how it is treated to become fit to drink.

Tour Details

On this 90-minute tour, you will follow the steps through the treatment plant and observe chemists and microbiologists as they test the water. This program is offered at no cost to participating schools within Contra Costa Water District's service area. Contra Costa Water District will also reimburse schools for the cost of bus transportation to the treatment plant up to $300.

This visit is for 5th grade students and is best in conjunction with the classroom presentation. It also makes an excellent follow-on activity to the Delta Discovery Voyage.
Bollman Ponds
Kids Touring Bollman