Largemouth Bass Record

Largemouth Bass Record

  • Todd BruscoWeight: 12 pounds
  • Angler: Todd Brusco of Danville CA
  • Lure: Rapala X-Rap Shad
  • Location: Peninsula Cove
  • Catch Date: May 29, 2008

The oldest record at the reservoir was set on Thursday, May 29 when the late Todd Brusco of Danville, CA smashed the old mark by more than two pounds.

Brusco's 12-pound catch was 2.21 pounds heavier than the old record set  in 2007 by Eric Sabye.

Todd was fishing with his friend Johnny G. in a rental boat. He said the fish took his lure as soon as he cast it. Todd and Johnny G. fished a few times a month at Los Vaqueros. They returned the record fish to the reservoir.

Of course, Todd is the only person with two fishing records at LV. He owns the striped bass record as well.

Catcher's Quote

"It took what seemed like an eternity to get it in (probably 20 mins) with a rather light pole and 8 pound test line. John netted it on the first try as it finally got close enough to the boat." 

— Todd Brusco