Encroachment & Special Use Permits

Permit requests may be submitted to the District in person or by mail as follows:
Contra Costa Water District
Los Vaqueros Watershed
Attention Watershed Clerk
P.O. Box H20
Concord, CA 94524-2099

Contra Costa Water District
Real Property Division
Attention Real Property Specialist
P.O. Box H20
Concord, CA 94524-2099

For Los Vaqueros Special Use Permit assistance, please call 925-240-2360.

For all other permits, licenses, and easements please call 925-688-8076 or 925-688-8162.

Telecommunication Lease Information

The Contra Costa Water District has an established telecommunication leasing program that allows telecommunication companies to install facilities at District-owned sites provided that:
  • The telecommunication facilities do not interfere with District operations
  • The telecommunication carrier obtains any conditional use permit or other land use approvals required by the city or county with jurisdiction over the site
  • The District and the telecommunication carrier are able to agree on terms for a lease

Permits & Other Important Documents

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Safety First!  All applicants requesting a permit from CCWD must also submit a signed safe practices handbook  to CCWD. Furthermore, CCWD requires that all contractors working at CCWD/USBR facilities have read and signed the safe practices handbook  All contractors must provide the safety handbook to all of its employees and subcontractors. (Please read it online (PDF), and make copies.)