Water-Wise Plants

Water-Wise Plant Resources

Gardening in Contra Costa County

Gardening in Contra Costa County is a CCWD partner site offering a searchable database with vivid color photographs and detailed plant information. Select only low and very low water-needing plants if you plan on watering only once a week or less during the peak summer. When you view or print your plant list use the Hydrozone Report option and the plants in the list will be sorted into very low (1 water drop), low (2 water drops) and medium (3 water drops) water needing groups. Check out Pant Lists like “Attract Butterflies”, “Attract Birds”, and "Shade Plants."

UC Davis Arboretum All-Stars

Browse through a list of 100 plants that work well in northern California gardens, even under difficult conditions. They're recommended by the horticultural staff at the UC Davis Arboretum. Find the right plants for your garden with their online database or download the brochure.


Calscape is focused on helping people restore nature by growing the plants that belong where they live. Learn which plants are native to your location in California with the help of Calscape's map database. They also have information about where to buy specific plants and how to grow them.


Invasive species can harm wild land areas, displace native species, and have a high economic cost. Learn how to help prevent the spread of invasive species by planting right at PlantRight.

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Where to Buy Water-Wise Plants

Local Nurseries

Below are local nurseries we recommend when planning to buy plants.

Local Nurseries Specializing in California Native Plants

These nurseries ONLY carry California native plants.

Mail-Order Nurseries

Landscape Transformation

If you're considering a full landscape makeover, check out our Lawn to Garden Rebate Information and Lawn to Garden Approved Plant List (PDF). Plants not on the list will be approved on a case by case basis. For approval, send your plant names (botanical names, if available) to conserve@ccwater.com.