Water Conservation Devices

We provide free water conservation devices for all customers in our service area. You can receive them from us directly during a Water Wise House Call, or pick them up at our main office: 1331 Concord Avenue, Concord, CA 94520.

Toilet Dye Tablets

dye tabletsEasily check toilets for silent leaks with these handy blue dye tablets. Toilet leaks can silently waste up to 7,000 gallons per year. To use simply drop the tablets into the tank. If blue water appears in the bowl after a few minutes, you have a leak and repairs should be made.

High-Efficiency Showerhead

ShowerheadThe Shower Pro Massage flows at 1.75 gallons per minute. It can be adjusted for a gentle rain or massage. It also comes with an on/off button so you can soap up and save! Saving hot water will reduce your water and energy bills.

Shower Timer

Shower TimerThis four minute timer lets you know just how long you are in the shower. Saving water in the shower also saves energy.

Bathroom Faucet Aerator

Bathroom Faucet AeratorThis bathroom faucet aerator has dual threads for easy installation. It flows at 1.0 gallons per minute. Saving hot water will reduce your water and energy bills.

Kitchen Faucet Aerator

Kitchen Faucet AeratorThis kitchen faucet aerator has swivel action for effective cleaning and features an easy touch flow restrictor to turn on and off the flow when you need to. It flows at 1.5 gallons per minute. Saving hot water will reduce your water and energy bills.

Shut-Off Hose Nozzle

Hose Spray NozzleUsing a hose nozzle can save water by stopping the flow when you put down the hose. This heavy-duty deluxe Seven Spray Hose Nozzle features a heavy-duty, durable metal body with a cushioned dial ring and grip.

Sprinkler Screwdriver

Sprinkler ScrewdriverThis little screwdriver can be used to adjust the setting screw on your pop-up sprinkler heads and help you tighten the screws on water waste.

Rain Gauge

rain gaugeTrack the rain this winter with a user-friendly rain gauge. Although irrigation systems should generally be off during the winter, always remember to turn off irrigation when it rains. Did you know that one inch of rain on a 1,000 square foot roof is over 620 gallons of water? Check out Rain Gardens and Rainwater Harvesting to learn more about using rainwater in your yard.