Report Suspicious Activity at a CCWD Facility

See something suspicious at a CCWD facility? Please give us a call at 925-688-8374.

Recently, some public utilities have experienced the theft of materials or equipment that can be resold illegally. When these thefts happen, the neighborhoods that were being served by the stolen equipment are usually the first impacted because utility service is disrupted. Ultimately, all of the utility's customers are impacted by the expense of replacing stolen equipment.

The Contra Costa Water District is working to guard against theft at its facilities and is asking the public for help. The District protects its facilities with electronic monitoring, alarms and security patrols. In addition, the public is asked to immediately report any suspicious activity involving District property by calling the continuously-staffed Control Center at 925-688-8374. In an emergency, please contact your local police department by calling 911 immediately.

With the help of the community, the District can avoid the outcomes of vandalism and theft, including costly repairs, unplanned replacement of equipment and inconvenient water outages in neighborhoods.

Suspicious activity that should be reported immediately includes vandalism, individuals working at odd hours, unmarked vehicles loitering near or accessing District facilities, partying on District property, and unidentified individuals who appear to be taking equipment or materials from a site.

The public's help is greatly appreciated as the District works to maintain the condition of its facilities and provide uninterrupted, cost-effective service to 500,000 residents in central and eastern Contra Costa County.