Commercial Water Use Survey

The Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) offers free technical assistance to commercial, industrial and institutional customers to operate water more efficiently. Water efficiency can reduce business costs. In most cases, increasing water efficiency is cost-effective and can result in significant water, energy and sanitary savings.
Sink Water Use Survey
Survey Details
The Commercial Water Use Survey will:
  • Evaluate and analyze water usage
  • Provide an annual water consumption history
  • Calculate a cost/benefit analysis for water conserving technology
  • Provide water-efficient plumbing fixtures, devices and materials, subject to availability
  • Provide a detailed evaluation of the site and recommend equipment upgrades and water management improvements
  • Offer rebate incentives for selected plumbing upgrades
This free service is offered to commercial customers in the CCWD service area.

To request a free Commercial Water Use Survey email the Conservation Office or call 925-688-8234.