Project Facts

  • Improve water quality for CCWD's 500,000 customers. This is being accomplished by storing higher-quality Delta water from wet seasons for blending with the Delta supply during dry periods.
  • Provide a 1-to-3 month supply of emergency water storage.
  • Other benefits include recreation, flood control, and protection of rare natural and historic resources within the watershed.


The source is the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary. The Intakes are at the Old River, near Discovery Bay, and on Victoria Island off of Middle River.


  • Located 9 miles south of Brentwood
  • 212 feet high (from toe to crest)
  • 1,295-foot crest length

Water Source

  • Intake facilities at Old River south of Highway 4 Bridge, with 250 cubic-feet-per-second capacity (10,000 horsepower) pumping plant and fish screens, and on Victoria Island, with 250 cubic-feet-per-second capacity (10,000 horsepower) pumping plant and fish screens
  • Transfer facility northeast of Camino Diablo and Walnut with 200 cubic-feet-per-second capacity (8,000 horsepower) pumping plant
  • 20 miles of 6-foot to 8-foot diameter pipeline connecting the transfer facility to the dam, the intake and the Contra Costa Canal near Antioch

Vasco Road

The previously existing Vasco Road has been inundated. It has been replaced by a new road -also called Vasco Road -- that begins at Camino Diablo near Brentwood, and extends east around the Los Vaqueros watershed toward Livermore.

The new road consists of almost 13 miles of two-lane highway, with climbing lanes where needed. It also has softer curves, and areas where drivers can pull over, if necessary.

Project Schedule

  • Start Construction 1994
  • Project Completed 1997
  • Project Dedicated 1998
  • Expansion Started April 2011
  • Expansion Complete & Dedicated July 2012


  • $450 million
  • $120 million for expansion

Origin of Name

Los Vaqueros Means "the cowboys" in Spanish. Los vaqueros grazed cattle on the site for many years. 

Project Map

Los Vaqueros Project Map