Alternative Strategies

Alternative resources like grey water and rainwater catchment and recirculating water systems can reduce water consumption, decrease the load on sewer systems, and provide alternative water sources for landscape.

Recirculating Water System

Recirculating water systems can save water that would otherwise go down the drain while water in showers and sinks warms up.


CCWD is now offering a $50 rebate for greywater installations. Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater Systems that uses discharge water from a single domestic clothes washer for landscape watering are eligible for the rebate. Reusing water from a clothes washer to water your garden is a simple and easy way to “go grey”. 

Reusable Water Garden Pot

Harvesting Rainwater

Rainwater harvesting is a technique used for collecting, storing and using rainwater for landscape irrigation and other uses. The rainwater is collected from various hard surfaces such as rooftops and/or other manmade aboveground hard surfaces. Look here for more information.