Water Rates

Water Rate Proposal for 2022

The past two years have been a challenge on so many levels and Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) appreciates your support and flexibility as we have been working to keep your water service up and running. Part of providing sustainable water service is conducting an annual review of water rates and charges. Water rates are increased only in an amount necessary to pay for the purchase, treatment, transport, and delivery of safe, high-quality, and reliable water to your home or business, and for the employees needed to sustain a complex water system. For 2022, we are proposing rate adjustments to generate up to a 5.00% revenue increaseLetters with complete details of the proposal were mailed to customers and are also available to the right, under Customer Letters. See Current and Adopted Rates to compare current 2021 water rates side-by-side with adopted 2022 rates. This 2022 water rate proposal was presented at a public hearing on January 5, 2022, where the Board of Directors adopted the proposed rates. Changes to rates and charges will become effective February 1, 2022.

Our water rate proposal for 2022 supports the following priorities to ensure your water system remains sound:

  • Meet the increasing costs of operating a water system: The costs of purchased water, treatment chemicals, fuel and energy have risen sharply in the recent year. The District strives to manage costs, seeking lowest costs when possible, while focusing on affordable water rates.
  • Replace aging water infrastructure: Reliable water service requires increasing investment in the maintenance and replacement of aging canals, pipes, and other critical facilities. Implementing well planned and timely investments as identified in the District’s 10-year capital improvement plan provide a high return in cost savings over the life of the facilities. 
  • Maintain financial stability: Annual rate adjustments combined with use of reserves provide the funding necessary to sustain quality operations and service.