Water Rates

Water Rates for 2024

Ensuring sustainable water service is our priority. Annually, we review water rates to determine necessary adjustments for the purchase, transport, and delivery of safe, high-quality water to your home or business. 

The water rates and charges customers pay are the main way we fund our operations. Other sources of income, like grants and property leases, help us keep the cost of water as low as possible. We continue to look for ways to improve how we work in order to save money, but we do it carefully to make sure the water you receive stays safe and reliable. Here are two main areas we focus on to make sure you have safe, clean water at your home or business:

  • Replace aging water infrastructure: Reliable water service requires continued investment in the renewal and replacement of aging canals, pipes, pumps, and other facilities for current and future needs. As our system gets older, it costs more to fix and maintain. It is better to plan ahead and make planned improvements instead of waiting until something breaks to replace it. As our system gets older, we need to do more planned replacements. Investing in water system facilities is our shared responsibility to ensure a reliable supply of water and to protect public health for our community.
  • Meet the rising costs of operating the water system: The costs of operating our water treatment plants and completing maintenance work on the vast network of water delivery pipelines continue to rise due to inflationary pressures and regulatory requirements. Investments in employees, technology and cybersecurity are being made to enhance and protect the reliability of your water system.


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