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We’re Updating Our Rates for 2019

To Our Valued Water Customers,

Our commitment to providing water service to you goes beyond the operation of the vast and sophisticated infrastructure required to deliver safe, reliable, high-quality water to your home or business. We are also committed to providing this service at the lowest cost possible.

This year, in addition to the annual rate review, we’re proposing changes to our rate structure. These changes are part of a periodic review to ensure all customers pay their fair share for the water services they receive. The District’s Board of Directors will consider these changes at a public hearing on January 2, 2019. Any changes will become effective February 1, 2019. This notice explains the proposed changes and why they are necessary. Here is what you need to know:

  • Rate Structure Update – This is a comprehensive legal and financial evaluation process, as the rate structure establishes how costs are divided among 60,000+ customer accounts. The primary factors for determining the proposed updates were fairness, affordability, understandability, and encouraging efficient water use while maintaining financial stability. Updates to the rate structure do not increase revenue for the District.
  • Annual Rate ReviewAnnual rate reviews (PDF) ensure that we are collecting enough revenue to operate and maintain your water system and deliver the high level of service you expect from us. For 2019, we are proposing a rate adjustment to generate up to a 6% revenue increase (PDF).

We’re separating the two proposals, so customers can see how each change affects their water bill. The information and tools we’re providing breaks down the effects on your water bill individually and combined. Additional details are available when you select your customer class in the menu on the right side of this page, which also includes a rate estimator (for treated water customers) that displays how both proposed changes may affect your water bill.

We’re here to help

As always, our knowledgeable customer service staff is available at 925-688-8044 for any questions you have. Thank you for your time and support in helping us keep our system in good working condition to ensure delivery of high-quality water to customers every day.



Public Hearing Process

The District’s Board of Directors will consider the proposed rate structure changes and the rate adjustment at a public hearing on January 2, 2019, after which the Board will consider adoption of the proposed rate structure changes and rate adjustments. State law requires that notices are mailed to all District untreated and treated water customers at least 45 days in advance of the public hearing.

Customers may submit written comments or protests prior to and at the public hearing. If you are submitting a written protest, fill out the form below or send or deliver the written protests to: Contra Costa Water District, Attn: Rates, 1331 Concord Avenue Concord, CA 94520

Please note: Include identification of the affected property (either by assessor’s parcel number, street address, or account number). Only one protest per parcel or street address can be counted.