Lawn to Garden Rebate Application

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Review Rebate Information and the photo submission requirements below before proceeding to the application.

Photo Submission Requirements

To complete the application, you will need to upload photos. Therefore, before you begin this form, we suggest you take photos and have them saved on your computer. Make sure the photos meet the photo submission requirements below.

Note: All photos should be taken with enough distance to show that they are of your yard. For example, photos should include an identifiable feature such as a tree, mailbox, or part of the house.

  • Lawn Photos: Take photos of each lawn area(s) proposed for removal (2 minimum per lawn area). Photos should be taken from several angles to show the entire lawn(s) including edges and corners of each lawn area that is being converted.  Please be sure to take enough photos to show all parts of your lawn(s). Photos from the far left corner, middle, and far right corner, taken from the street or sidewalk will give best results.
  • Irrigation System Photos: For each lawn area being converted, take at least one photo showing the method used to water the lawn, with the system running. If the system does not currently work, upload photos showing the remaining components (sprinkler heads, hose, etc.). Please take photos with enough distance so that we can verify it is your yard.

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Apply for a Lawn to Garden Rebate.