Current Rates

Water Rates and Charges

CCWD’s water rates are calculated to collect sufficient funds to operate and maintain your water system. View CCWD's Code of Regulations Title 5 Water Supply and Rates (PDF) for full details on current rates effective as of February 1, 2023.

Water Rate Proposal 2024

Below are current water rates (effective February 1, 2023) side-by-side with the proposed 2024 rates. Back to the Water Rate Proposal for 2024.

Treated Water Rates and Charges

  1. Quantity Charges
  2. Daily Charges
  3. Backflow Prevention Charges

Quantity Charges

Quantity charges are based on actual usage in units. A unit of water is equivalent to 748.05 gallons or one hundred cubic feet (HCF).

Usage is for the cost of source water delivery, treatment and distribution for water used during a billing period. The current rate for Usage is less than one cent per gallon.

Energy is for the cost to pump treated water to various elevation zones.

Usage ChargeCurrent ($/unit)
Proposed ($/unit)
Usage Charge$ 5.6609
$ 6.05
Energy ChargeCurrent ($/unit)Proposed ($/unit)
Zone 1$ 0.1134
$ 0.12
Zone 2$ 0.2893
$ 0.30
Zone 3$ 0.4497
$ 0.46
Zone 4$ 0.5516
$ 0.57
Zone 5$ 0.7179
$ 0.74
Zone 6$ 0.9569
$ 0.98
Zone 7$ 1.2233
$ 1.25
Zone 8$ 1.9397
$ 1.98

Untreated Water Rates and Charges

  1. Municipal, Industrial, and...
  2. Agricultural Irrigation
  3. Unmetered Landscape Irrigation

Municipal, Industrial, and Landscape Irrigation

Metered Customers (Wholesale Municipal, Industrial, Landscape Irrigation, and Temporary Service)CurrentProposed
Service Charge ($/month)$ 8.68
$ 9.04
Usage Charge ($/unit)1$ 2.59
$ 2.78
Demand Charge ($/unit)1,2
$ 3.73$ 3.94

1The usage charge unit is equivalent to 1,000 gallons.
2The demand charge unit is assessed by thousand gallons based on maximum month usage in each of the three past years, averaged. The demand charge is an annual amount, spread over 12 months of billing.