Weather Conditions

The National Weather Service has hourly updates on the weather at Los Vaqueros.

For real-time information on the weather conditions, call the Marina at 925-371-2628.

LV Stats Value As of
Reservoir Storage as a Percentage of 160,000 Acre-Feet Capacity 90% 6/22/2020
Current Storage in Acre-Feet 144,000 6/22/2020

Fire Warning Information

General Access Restrictions during Fire Season

All authorized vehicles must be equipped with muffler and exhaust system in good condition and equipped with a shovel, water pack, and fire extinguisher. Internal combustion machinery must be equipped with a spark arrester. 


No additional restrictions other than listed above.

Fire Danger = HIGH

The Watershed is Open to public recreation. Above restrictions all apply plus no cutting/grinding/welding without permission from Watershed staff which is based upon site specific circumstances.

Fire Danger = VERY HIGH

Above restrictions all apply plus no construction or operational activities off pavement without permission from Watershed staff. No travel allowed off trails and graded roads. No smoking outside of enclosed vehicles. All fire sources are prohibited, including the use of permanent barbecue facilities at picnic areas. No gasoline-powered equipment (e.g. Mowers in rough areas, weed eaters, chain saws, welders and generators) outside of irrigated and developed areas unless extra protection fire safety measures approved by the Watershed Superintendent are implemented. Maintenance of irrigated areas and road grading are permitted. Increase monitoring and patrol by staff. Post appropriate Fire Hazard signs.

Fire Danger = EXTREME

Above restrictions apply. Contractors may continue working on District lands provided they institute extra protection fire safety measures approved by the Watershed Superintendent. Contractor operations must be directly supervised by District staff to ensure specified extra protection fire safety measures are implemented.