We own and operate many facilities that store, move, and treat your water.

District Center

Originally completed in 1971, District Center is dedicated to Thomas Carlson, who was instrumental in the founding of CCWD and served as its lawyer until his death in 1961. The building was strengthened for earthquake safety in 2016, and now houses CCWD's Finance, HR, Customer Service and Public Affairs Department. The Board Room, where the District's Board of Directors meets, is also located here: 1331 Concord Ave. Concord, CA

Ralph D. Bollman Water Treatment Plant (PDF)

Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plant (PDF)

Contra Costa Canal

Part of the Central Valley Project, the Contra Costa Canal is the backbone of the Contra Costa Water District, delivering water from the Delta to the District's treatment facilities and untreated-water customers. The canal is 48-miles long that starts at Rock Slough near Oakley. Four pumping stations lift the water 124 feet above sea level, and the canal ends at the Terminal Reservoir in Martinez.

Los Vaqueros Reservoir & Watershed

The Los Vaqueros Reservoir and Watershed is a nearly 20,000 acre protected watershed that offers outstanding fishing, challenging hikes and an opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of the area.

CCWD's Los Vaqueros Reservoir was expanded in 2012, and can now store up to 160,000 acre-feet of high quality water for the District's customers. It is the largest reservoir in the Bay Area.

The dam at Los Vaqueros stands 226 feet tall and meets all current seismic standards.

Map of the Watershed (PDF)
More About Los Vaqueros

Mallard Reservoir

This 3,060 acre-feet reservoir located near Bollman Water Treatment Plant. The Contra Costa Canal directs water to the Mallard Reservoir, where solids settle to the bottom before the water is pumped into the treatment plant. The reservoir, which is closed to the public, can provide up to 12 days of drinking water in an emergency.  It is the District's second-largest reservoir, behind only Los Vaqueros.

Other CCWD Reservoirs:

  • Contra Loma Reservoir...2,500 acre-feet
  • Martinez Reservoir...270 acre-feet

For more information on dam safety:

Division of Dam Safety Assessment of Dams in California (PDF)

Dam Rating Information (PDF)