Fish Plants

We typically plant trout in the fall, winter, and spring, and less so during the summer due to higher water temperatures. We typically plant catfish periodically in the spring and during the warmest summer months. In 2019, we planted more than 34,000 pounds of trout and 5,000 pounds of catfish. See below for information about the most recent fish plants.

Recent Fish Plants

Date Pounds Source Fish
11/13/2020 2,600 CDFW Trout
11/12/2020 3,000 Lassen Trout
10/27/2020 2,300 CDFW Trout

Source Legend

  • Lassen = Lassen Trout Farm
  • CDFW = California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Bundy's = Bundy's Fishery
Lassen Trout Fish Plant