Fish Plants

Recent Fish Plants

Date Pounds Source Fish
8/18/2019 1,000 Bundy's Catfish
7/27/2019 695 Bundy's Catfish
7/12/2019 1,400 Bundy's Catfish
6/29/2019 1,250 Bundy's Catfish

Source Legend

  • Lassen = Lassen Trout Farm
  • DFW = Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Bundy's = Bundy's Fishery

Fish Plant Stats

  • In 2018, we planted more than 52,000 pounds of trout and 16,000 pounds of Catfish.
  • We typically plant trout in the fall, winter, and spring, and less so during the summer due to higher temperatures.
  • We typically plant catfish periodically in the spring and during the warmest summer months.