What type of irrigation system do I need to use?
Participants have three options for irrigating their new landscape, but drip irrigation is the preferred method:
1) The District encourages participants to install a new drip irrigation system equipped with a pressure regulator, filter and pressure compensating emitters. Drip is the most efficient way to irrigate plants, trees, and shrubs. CCWD has information on drip irrigation available at our drip irrigation section on the website.

2) Participants can choose to hand-water their new landscape and not install a drip system. However, this is not encouraged as it is more difficult to establish plants and maintain uniform moisture.

3) On rare occasions, with prior District approval, participants may use low-application rate sprinklers to irrigate their new landscape. These systems must have an application rate of less than 1” per hour and be designed and installed to ensure there is zero overspray onto adjacent pavement or structures and zero runoff due to plants blocking the spray. Participants must get prior District approval and be able to demonstrate the system meets the requirements.

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