Why do we have to save water? I thought we had plenty.

California is in its third consecutive dry year and supplies are significantly lower than what is expected this time of year. CCWD purchases water from the federal Central Valley Project (CVP) and was allocated only enough water this year to meet basic public health and safety needs. In addition to water purchased from the CVP, CCWD will rely on other local supplies and water stored in its Los Vaqueros Reservoir to meet the efficient water needs of its customers. This sharp reduction in available water supplies means we need all customers to use water efficiently and curb wasteful practices.

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1. How does CCWD plan to achieve an overall 15% reduction?
2. Why do we have to save water? I thought we had plenty.
3. Can I bank water savings from month to month?
4. Where can I find my 2020 baseline use?
5. What happens if my household does not meet 15% conservation?
6. What is a temporary drought surcharge?
7. Can I receive an exemption?
8. What is considered water waste by CCWD?
9. What is non-functional turf?
10. Are there any exceptions to the non-functional turf irrigation ban?